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Tiwi Islands Tourism

Tiwi Islands are a cluster of nine islands situated 80 km north of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The islands are rich in Aboriginal culture, history, and heritage, and offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the region. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in and around Tiwi Islands:

1. Tiwi Design: Tiwi design is a high-end art and craft center located in Wurrumiyanga, on the southern coast of Bathurst Island. The center is a hub of Tiwi culture and tradition, and visitors can purchase unique and culturally significant art and craft pieces including high-quality screen prints, textiles, paintings, carvings, sculptures, and ceramics. Contact Tiwi Design at (08) 8978 3814 for more information.

2. Nguiu (Wurrumiyanga) Museum: Nguiu Museum is located in Wurrumiyanga, and it showcases the history and culture of the Tiwi people. The museum houses an extensive collection of photographs and artifacts, and visitors can learn about Tiwi livelihood, traditions, and customs. The museum is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm, and it can be contacted at (08) 8978 2400.

3. Milikapiti Community: Milikapiti Community is situated on Melville Island, and it is a hub of vibrant Aboriginal culture. Visitors can witness traditional dance performances, get involved in fishing, and witness the lush Tiwi plant life during the tours. The community can be contacted at (08) 8978 3911 for more information.

4. Jilamara Arts and Crafts: Jilamara Arts and Crafts is a prominent art center situated in Milikapiti. The arts center is home to a group of highly skilled artists and craftspeople who create a range of beautiful artifacts. Visitors can purchase screen prints, carvings, paintings, and other art pieces that showcase the unique Tiwi art style. Contact Jilamara Arts and Crafts at (08) 8978 3909 for further information.

5. Tiwi Islands Adventures: Tiwi Islands Adventures offer visitors a range of exciting adventure tours to explore the pristine waterways and natural habitats of the Tiwi Islands. The tour comprises of fishing, camping, bird watching, and wildlife spotting. Contact Tiwi Islands Adventures at (08) 8979 3602 for more information and to book a tour.

6. Tiwi Islands Grand Final: The Tiwi Islands Grand Final is a unique event that takes place at Tiwi Oval, Bathurst Island every February. The Grand Final is a major sporting event where Tiwi Islanders compete against each other in a traditional Australian rules football match. The event is attended by locals and visitors from across Australia, and it celebrates the local culture and traditions.

7. Patakijiyali Museum: Patakijiyali Museum is situated on Bathurst Island, and it is dedicated to showcasing the history and culture of the Tiwi people. The museum houses a collection of artifacts, photographs, videos, and interactive displays, and it offers visitors an insight into the traditional Tiwi way of life. Contact Patakijiyali Museum at (08) 8978 3909 for more information.

8. Bathurst Island Historical Society: The Bathurst Island Historical Society is a volunteer-led organization dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Tiwi people. The society runs a museum at the old airstrip in Nguiu, and it offers visitors an insight into the island's rich history and cultural heritage. Contact the Bathurst Island Historical society at (08) 8978 2300 to learn more.

9. Tiwi Island Adventures: Tiwi Island Adventures offer visitors the chance to explore the Tiwi Islands by air or sea. The tours take visitors through the pristine waterways, lush rainforests, and national parks of the region. The tours also offer a chance to witness the unique flora and fauna that inhabit the region. Contact Tiwi Island Adventures at (08) 8979 3602 for more information and to book a tour.

10. Tiwi Islands Fishing Safaris: Tiwi Islands Fishing Safaris offer visitors the chance to fish for Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon in some of the most remote and pristine waterways of the Tiwi Islands. The fishing safaris take visitors to the most stunning fishing spots, and they offer a chance to witness a range of birds and aquatic wildlife that inhabit the region. Contact Tiwi Islands Fishing Safaris at (08) 8978 2666 for more information.

The Tiwi Islands are a hub of rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and exciting adventure opportunities. The above tourist attractions are just the tip of the iceberg of what this region has to offer. Contact the local tourist information centers for more information on how to plan your trip to the Tiwi Islands.

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