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Tiwi Islands Community

The Tiwi Islands located in the Northern Territory of Australia is a remote and culturally rich region. A significant factor that makes this place special is the vibrant community groups available. These groups are diverse in nature and offer a wide range of benefits to the residents of the Tiwi Islands.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best community groups in the Tiwi Islands, categorizing them according to the services they offer, listing their benefits, and providing their contact details.

1. Art and Culture:

a. Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association: This community group seeks to preserve and promote the traditional art and culture of the Tiwi people. Their services include the production and sale of exquisite, hand-crafted artworks such as paintings, sculptures, baskets, and textiles. Through the income generated from these products, the group supports the local economy and empowers the Tiwi community.

b. Tiwi Designs: This group also specializes in traditional arts and crafts, providing employment and skill development for local artists. Tiwi Designs' range of artisanal products includes hand-printed fabrics, wall hangings, and accessories. For those interested in experiencing the cultural practices, Tiwi Designs also offers workshops and tours to visitors.

c. Tiwi Islands Regional Council: The Tiwi Islands Regional Council engages in various activities to support the promotion and preservation of Tiwi culture. They facilitate cultural events, support cultural tourism, and promote educational programs that focus on Tiwi culture.

2. Social Welfare

a. The Strong Women's Centre: As the name suggests, this group empowers Tiwi women through programs that enhance their self-esteem, well-being, and social connections. The Strong Women's Centre offers services such as counseling, family and domestic violence support, and cultural activities that promote Tiwi women's empowerment.

b. The Men's Shed: The Men's Shed provides a safe and supportive space for Tiwi men to come together, socialize, and engage in activities that promote their mental and physical well-being. The Men's Shed offers programs such as woodworking, gardening, and cooking workshops that help men develop their skills and share their knowledge.

c. Tiwi Health: Tiwi Health is dedicated to providing quality health services to the Tiwi community. They offer a range of medical and health services, including primary healthcare, aged care, dental services, mental health, and children's health services.

3. Education

a. TITEB: The Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board (TITEB) work towards enhancing the education and employment opportunities for the Tiwi people. They offer vocational training programs, educational support services, and employment opportunities across various sectors, including land management, construction, and hospitality.

b. Loves to Read: This group fosters a love of reading in the Tiwi community, especially children. They provide educational resources, support, and events that promote reading and literacy skills. By encouraging a love of reading, Loves to Read helps children develop their cognitive and language skills, which are critical for their academic development.

c. Tiwi College: Tiwi College is a boarding school that provides education from Years 7-12 to Tiwi students. The school offers both academic and vocational education, with a focus on Tiwi culture and values. Tiwi College provides a supportive environment that fosters students' intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

The Tiwi Islands have a wealth of community groups that offer excellent services to the Tiwi community. From promoting traditional culture to enhancing social welfare and education, these groups help to build a strong and empowered Tiwi community.

Contact Details:
Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association
PMB 43 Via Winnellie NT 821
Phone: 08 8978 3915

Tiwi Designs
Box 130 via Winnellie NT 0822
Phone: 08 8987 2444

Tiwi Islands Regional Council
Lot 431, Nguiu, Bathurst Island NT 0822
Phone: 08 8970 9200

The Strong Women's Centre
1 Casuarina Way, Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island NT 0822
Phone: 08 8978 3902

The Men's Shed
1 Spring Hill Rd, Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island NT 0822
Phone: 08 8978 2399

Tiwi Health
Lot 431, Nguiu, Bathurst Island NT 0822
Phone: 08 8970 9400

Tiwi Training and Employment Board (TITEB)
1 Nauiyu Rd, Pirlangimpi, Melville Island NT 0822
Phone: 08 8978 3966

Loves to Read
Bathurst Island, NT 0822

Tiwi College
Bathurst Island, NT 0822
Phone: 08 8978 2400

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