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Tiwi Islands Business and Community Directories

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Tiwi Islands Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory, Australia – a unique destination renowned for its distinct business culture and strong community ties.

Here are some highlights of the best of business and community in and around Tiwi Islands.


- Tiwi Design: A renowned design enterprise that offers bespoke textiles, homewares and ceramic exports created by local Indigenous artists.

- Munupi Arts and Crafts: A community-driven organisation that promotes and sells traditional and contemporary Tiwi art, including paintings, carvings and ceramics.

- Tiwi Islands Regional Council: The local government authority responsible for delivering essential services and programs to the island communities, including health, education and infrastructure.


- The Pirlangimpi Community (Garden Point): A welcoming community that offers visitors a chance to meet and interact with traditional Tiwi people while enjoying local hospitality and culture.

- The Tiwi Islands Football League: A lively sporting community that boasts a strong passion for Aussie Rules football, featuring the highly competitive local league that attracts spectators from all over the region.

- The Tiwi Islands Cultural and Historical Museum: A fascinating showcase of Tiwi culture, history, and arts and crafts, featuring traditional artefacts and stories about the Island's past.

As you can see, the business and community of Tiwi Islands are intertwined, and it is a place where the traditions of its people are celebrated in all aspects of life. Come and experience this unique and vibrant destination for yourself!

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